The international Global Cities Teams Tech Jam here in Portland is just seven weeeks away on June 20-22nd. This is an opportunity for you to share the progress you’ve made on your tech challenge mobility demonstration/pilot project. Think of this as a work-in-progress update and a conclusion to this year’s Greater Portland Mobility Tech Challenge.

We will use the Global Cities Team Tech Jam as a forum to show the world that public agencies and private firms in the Greater Portland region excel at innovation, problem solving and public/private partnerships.

Please complete the application below as an indication of your interest in presenting at the Global Cities Team Tech Jam.


Name *
Date Preference *
Which date works best for you and your team?
Please briefly describe the transportation/mobility project you wish to present? Hopefully it’s similar to what you pitched back in February, but maybe it’s evolved since then.
Why did you choose the public/private sector partner you’re working with?
What are your goals, desired results/outcomes of the demonstration/pilot project and measures of success?
What partnership-based challenges have you faced as you’ve been collaborating on this project? What was your process for overcoming these challenges.
What are your next steps for this demonstration/pilot project?
What have your learned about public/private partnerships and pilot/demonstration projects.
Please include the names, title, organizations, and email addresses for any potential co-presenters.


We’ll use your answers to the questions above to determine which projects to feature at the Global Cities Teams Tech Jam. Please respond by May 16, 2018.