The  February 27, 2019 Challenge Day where you pitch your mobility challenge is just one part of the Greater Portland Tech Challenge. Complete this form to indicate your intent-to-participate and we will follow up with you. 

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Lead contact
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If you already have a team from your organization, list them here. We suggest an internal team of at least three people including technical experts and decision makers. If you want to work with partners outside of your agency, great! Let us know.
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We encourage cities, agencies and organizations pitching a mobility challenge to work with others to scope and validate their challenge. Click here if you'd like help finding a pitch partner. We'll help you find the group.
Give us a summary of your problem so we can post it online and help tech firms prepare to address it. You can go into more detail on your power point slides and live presentation.
Summarize why a firm would want to solve this problem. You can go into more detail on your power point slides and live presentation.
This is your chance to let a firms that may be interested in your challenge how much effort you'll put into a collaboration.
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There is a $150 fee to participating in the Greater Portland Tech Challenge to cover program costs. The registration rate may increase after October 15, 2018.