Greater Portland 2020 (GP2020) commissioned market research firm FusionMR to conduct a diversity in leadership survey of private sector companies, government organizations, non-profits, and higher-education institutions in the Greater Portland region. Seventy-eight (78) organizations representing over 10,000 employees from around the region completed the survey, which focused on the racial and gender diversity of employees at all levels of management.

Overall, the GP2020 Diversity in Leadership survey results show that leadership in Greater Portland organizations (defined as mid-level management all the way up to the C-Suite) is significantly less diverse than Greater Portland’s population. This gap in leadership applies to both women and people of color in the region.

Equity and diversity in leadership requires intentionality from current leadership to create the change we want to see in our region. Below are three "first steps" you can take:

1. Get help to recruit diverse talent

Businesses and nonprofits don’t have to pursue recruitment of diverse talent on their own. Several local organizations can help you gain familiarity with Portland’s diverse talent pool. Here are six examples of local organizations that can help connect to diverse talent:

2. Create a more inclusive culture within your organization

Diversity and inclusion experts can also help you create a plan, a program, and organizational change by running workshops or providing ongoing structure and support to your leadership, equity team, or all employees in your organization. Here are five examples of local experts who can connect you with partners and programs.

Click here to see a list of local community-based organizations.

3. Build your organization’s capacity to address diversity, equity and inclusion.

A workplace culture of diversity, equity and inclusion doesn’t start and stop with your human resources department. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) shapes and is shaped by workplace culture from the CEO’s office to front line employees. Here’s a sample of seven common DEI training and workshop themes for your team:

  • Unconscious Bias Awareness, Identification and Action Steps
  • Removing Discrimination from Hiring Practices
  • The Business Value of/Importance of Diversity in the Workplace
  • How to Call Out Bias or Have Difficult Conversations about Discrimination
  • Be an Ally: What role do allies play in Diversity & Inclusion?
  • Diversity in Leadership: How to Grow, Support and Retain Diverse Talent
  • How to Recruit Diverse Talent
    • What should be on a recruitment website?
    • Writing job descriptions that attract diverse candidates

Learn more

To learn more about the Diversity in Leadership survey results, conducted by FusionMR LLC, please contact Lloyd Purdy, GPI’s Vice President of Competitiveness.