Andrea Shuman and Martin Lemke never set out to own a ghee company. In 2009, the business partners shared an ayurvedic practice in San Francisco, where they offered massage therapy and classes that taught people how to make their own ghee, or clarified butter, in keeping with the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda.

Their California customers loved the ghee. And when Shuman opened an ayurvedic business in Portland in 2011, her new clients loved it, too. Shuman had a healthy entrepreneurial streak, so when her customers started asking for more of the golden ghee, she listened. 

Now, seven years after their first venture, Shuman and Lemke are business partners once more and their new company, Ahara Rasa Ghee, is going strong, buoyed by a growing interest in dairy-free diets.

With the help of GPI's Growing Small Businesses Globally export assistance scholarship, these two entrepreneurs are expanding internationally.

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