Virginia Joplin started working as a freelance translator before she graduated from Linfield College. Fluent in both Spanish and French, demand for her translation skills was high. Throughout college and in the few years after graduation, Joplin worked in settings that maximized her bilingual and technology skills and navigated a world that increasingly demanded fluency in different languages and cultures.

Ultimately, she spent one year at a translation company armed with a list of five things she wanted to learn and apply to her own freelance venture. These five things included learning how to use translation software and understanding the qualities sought-after in a translator. In August of 2001, Joplin started her own translation services agency.

Verbio has grown from a one-woman operation to a robust language-services firm that brings in about $750,000 a year, employs nine professionals at its Beaverton office, as well as several hundred contract linguists.

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