Thanks to a federal grant, Metro is exploring how a proposed light rail and other investments can improve the region's southwest corridor economy and quality of life for people of all incomes. The equitable development strategy will address:

  • Equitable housing Identify tools to increase supply and meet demand for diverse places to live to fit the needs of individuals and families of all incomes and sizes.
  • Economic development Identify and encourage jobs that provide individuals and families with sufficient wages that allow them to live within the corridor.
  • Workforce development Identify ways to prepare current and future corridor residents for existing and emerging industries.
  • Guidance on property investment Identify where it makes sense to keep existing developments, adapt or redevelop areas, or invest in new development.

Metro’s Equitable Development Pilot Projects are intended to inform, advance, and facilitate future work in support of the Equitable Development Strategy while sustaining or enhancing community-driven initiatives that prepare communities for the changes and opportunities light rail and other investments would bring to the SW Corridor. Contracts/awards ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 will support a mix of projects that address equity and housing issues as well as business and workforce development needs. More details at: