Are you ready to export? Scholarships available for training & TRAVEL

Exporting doesn’t have to be difficult… if you’re prepared.

We’re inviting entrepreneurs from around the region including women, minority and veterans to expand into international markets. Greater Portland Inc has gathered the region’s export partners together to provide customized training for entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their customer base.  

Let us know if you'd like to be notified of our next round of export training and travel scholarships.



Training options - Click each photo to learn more

Get your passport ready and let us know you’re ready to go by applying for an export training scholarship. For qualified firms, we can help cover half of the cost of your training in advance of your first overseas sales trip.

For more details, contact Lloyd Purdy at 971.339.2011 or


Export partners

Special thanks to JPMorgan Chase and the Oregon Community Foundation for supporting the Growing Small Businesses Globally initiative with grant funding.


Program FAQs

Who can apply for this training scholarship?

Entrepreneurs interested in reaching new customers through international sales with an existing business in the Greater Portland region should complete the scholarship form. Sign up here.

What will I learn from export training?

This customized spectrum of services will offer you a range of export focused trainings. You only need to take the trainings that are relevant to you.  Trainings themes include export finance, lead prospecting, exporting and shipping, and market analysis.

What happens if I don’t complete a training?

We will only cover 50% of the cost of the training and advising you complete. If you don’t complete a training, we can’t reimburse you.

What if I already export to other international markets?

That’s fine. We’d still love to help you access a new market. Sign up.

Can I substitute training or course work from another service provider?

Yes, but we can only cover training costs when you work with one of our partners (Global Trade Center, SBDC, SBA, Business Oregon or U.S. Commercial Service) listed in the training passport book we give you.

Do I have to do the full Export Pathways training (all seven steps)?

Probably not. It depends upon what the export readiness assessment says. The export readiness assessment is the first step in the process, after you are notified of your scholarship.

How long does each training last?

It depends. Several are 2 hour one-one-one meetings. One is a 30 hour class. And one training option varies based upon how many scholarships we award.

Where does the training scholarship money come from?

Greater Portland Inc was awarded grant funding from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this program?

If you’re interested in reaching new customers in international markets, you’re a good candidate for this export training scholarship.

Why is Greater Portland Inc organizing this program?

Greater Portland Inc is a public-private partnership working as a regional economic development entity. We want to see firms in the Portland metro region succeed by accessing new overseas markets – it’s good for the economy.


Self assessment

The training, advising, and counseling we're coordinated is a spectrum of services that will help you become comfortable enough with exporting that you can answer YES to these questions.

  • Does your company have a product or service that has been successfully sold in the domestic market?          
  • Does your company have or is your company preparing an international marketing plan with defined goals and strategies?
  • Does your company have sufficient production capacity that can be committed to the export market?                         
  • Does your company have the financial resources to actively support the marketing of your products in the targeted overseas markets? 
  • Is your company’s management committed to developing export markets and willing and able to dedicate staff, time and resources to the process?
  • Is your company committed to providing the same level of service given to your domestic customers?                  
  • Does your company have adequate knowledge in modifying product packaging and ingredients to meet foreign import regulations and cultural preferences?    
  • Does your company have adequate knowledge in shipping its product overseas, such as identifying and selecting international freight forwarders and freight costing?
  • Does your company have adequate knowledge of export payment mechanisms, such as developing and negotiating letters of credit?